Our History

Our History

A constant presence in the world of tube bending machines, a tradition that began in the last century and has continued from generation to generation for over 40 years, improving daily to keep up with the times.

Where it all began

The passion for mechanics leads Claudio Bragato to found his first one-man company specializing in mechanical tools
Dove tutto ha avuto inizio - 1975

The Know-How

The insertion in the commercial mechanical sector led him to have an ever more lively contact with producers and contractors who complain of difficulties in identifying the right partners for material deformation such as pipes and profiles


The beginnings

Having identified the right market sector, it distorts the commercial activity only, transforming it into a company specialized in machinery for the mechanical mechanics of pipes and profiles, a tool for the design, development and construction of machinery

A star was born

A new trademark is deposited and a new company is set up specializing in the production and manufacture of pipe bending machines; the STAR BEND SISTEM was born
E’ nata una stella - 1984

The first creations

The first models with hydraulic axes and electro-mechanical control born, they are the first examples of pipe bending machines produced by the company
Le prime creazioni - 1985


The production of pipe bending machines becomes the only sector of interest of the company and the discovery of the different sectors leads to a continuous increase of knowledge and innovative solutions in the material deformation sector

The restyling

The corporate image is renewed and the brand is updated, STAR BEND s.r.l is born, boasting new machinery with updated components and mechanical solutions adapted to new technologies
Il restyling - 1998

The technological revolution

The technological evolution invades the mechanics and in the field of STAR deformation in contrast with the competition develops new electromechanical projects to increase the precision and production capacity of its machinery

A window on the world

Past investments lead the company to move towards a global market by establishing and strengthening foreign partnerships

From father to son

The generational change increases the experience gained with 35 years of work in the sector with new and more effective provisions for marketing and production. The company then updates its image and the brand is led towards the future renewed in its appearance
Di padre in figlio - 2010

Evolution and adaptability

The production line is renewed and increases every year with new machines increasingly adapted to changing market demands

A company always at the forefront

Today, as then, the company is constantly evolving by developing the experience gained in 40 years of work and application in the field of bending and material deformation, boasting a range of products from the simplest model CNB to the most advanced and automated model CN13 ELEKTRA and specializing in the search of solutions able to solve every problem arising from the material deformation
Un’impresa sempre all’avanguardia - 2015